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 My First YOUTUBE Video!!
Oh My Goodness! I'm a nervous wreck. I've been trying all day to create a Youtube account and upload a very first one ever. I finally succeeded, but it is far from perfect and I've already learned a lot. I have A LOT more to learn, if you're interested, click this link: Smokey Brown Eyes Tutorial or watch below! Let me know what you think...hey, I know it is FAR from perfect, but any feedback would be GREAT!! :0)

Dry Hair? No problem!!

Okay, so I needed something non-stressful t
o think about in my life, so one of my natural fall-backs is hair and makeup. I love going onto YouTube and other sites to get helpful and interesting tips, tricks and ideas for makeup and hair. I stumbled upon one that I thought I'd try...and I'm here to share my results.

I've noticed lately my hair just isn't the same as it usually is and no matter which shampoo (from higher priced to drugstore fin
ds) I use makes no difference at all when it comes to conditioning. I have pretty thick hair and lately to save money I've been cutting it myself. Recently it was so thick, dry and unmanageable, so I decided when I was cutting it to use the thinning shears. After doing this and even applying leave-in conditioner, my hair was STILL pretty dry and unmanageable. That's when I stumbled upon a great winter trick for dry hair!

Your hair can either be dirty (a day or two since you've washed it) or clean. It doesn't matter. This usually works best at night unl
ess you have several (at least 6 I'd say) hours to devote to this process.
At night, before bedtime, get some Olive Oil...the kind you cook with - it doesn't have to be anything special at all or expensive! I used Bertoli Olive Oil I had in the kitchen.
Put a QUARTER SIZED amount in the palm of your hands and rub together. You don't need more than that because the goal is not to drench your hair, but to lightly yet thoroughly coat it.

Now, place the olive oil in your hair, starting halfway up going down to the ends. You don't want to put it in the top (root section) o
f your hair. Do this all around your hair, applying more olive oil in your hands if needed for thicker/longer hair. I had to use two quarter-sized amounts of oil for my hair.
Now, place a towel over your pillow and sleep peacefully! When you wake up, wash your hair and you will be amazed at the results from your CHEAP, silky oil treatment!

When I did this I got so many complements the next day from people saying how great and silky my hair looked. It was so soft and smooth and using the hot iron on it was just glided right through. Don't worry...the oil easily washes out with shampoo! No more dryness!! Good luck!

Marilyn Monroe
For Halloween I decided to go as Marilyn Monroe!  It was a blast!!  Kandee Johnson had a tutorial on how to do Marilyn Makeup.  She studied Marilyn's makeup artists' secrets and put them up to view.  I just happened to have a blonde wig and an old bridesmaid's's the result!

I'm Hooked!
I have recently discovered a makeup tutorial video series that I cannot get enough of!!  I was looking through Youtube, and came upon Kandee Johnson. Not only is she a Christian, but she is also a genuine makeup artist.  I have spent days watching all of her videos and just can't get enough!  I've had a blast trying out several of her makeup looks, and I've learned so much about applying makeup.  She is gorgeous, easy to follow, funny and just plain addictive.  So, if you are in to makeup and want to learn a lot...check her out!  I'm including a picture of myself I did after watching her video of one of her "Pin-up" looks. 
I know you can't really see details, but let me assure you, my makeup looks a LOT better here than it ever has.  She also has hair tutorials, skin and nail tutorials.  She even teaches you how to cut t-shirts etc.  I can't say enough good things about her!!  She does a blog too:   Happy exploring :0)