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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Some Days...

I can hardly believe that the weather here has been so bad that they have canceled school
the last two days! That has only happened here a few times that I can remember. We've managed to have fun these past two days, but Kameron has had to do school...since we do it at HOME instead of at school ;0) Kevin has been home with us, though, and he got to do a lot of Kameron's school with him for me yesterday. This is a picture Kevin took of me in front of our house, after then snow/ice. One of my former students commented on it on Facebook and said I looked 20 something in it! I told him he is my new BFF! My cousin said I looked extremely happy, and I couldn't agree with her more! I feel so very blessed for the life I've been given.

Kameron is such a joy! On the way home from church Sunday, he found a pair of glasses in the car and put them on. He looked so cute, I just have to share!

Isn't he adorable? He is my heart and I am so thankful for both him and Kevin! Some days I just feel so lucky.

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