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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Getting To Know Me: Week 1

I have a few things that I'm mighty fond of and I thought I would try to do a new blog post today and share a few of them so you could get to know me a little better (if you're reading this and don't really know me and want to get to!) I'm going to call it "Getting To Know Me".

If you DO know me or have read my blog before, you already know that of course my family, friends and my church are things I'm fond of...but aside from those, I wanted to share some little trinkets around my home and my life that you would otherwise not be privy to! So, in no particular order this week: Getting To Know Me!

First on my list is a new thing I discovered this week at the grocery store...BANANA SPLIT ICE CREAM!!! It has changed my life! Oh my! I am usually a Vanilla girl all the way. My husband makes fun of me...but I promise you...THIS ice cream is something to try! YUMMY!!

One of the Young Adults in my Sunday School class at church got me a gift card to Ulta for Christmas (we drew names and exchanged gifts at our Christmas party). So...I had a lot of fun shopping for myself. While there, I discovered this...Coconut Milk anti-breakage serum. First of all, it SMELLS DIVINE! Second, it is so silky and smooth and it has really helped my hair! I am a huge fan!

Coffee...need I say more? I LOVE coffee and enjoy nothing more than sitting down with a cup first thing in the morning. To me, it is much tastier when i can sit and drink it in one of my favorite mugs than to have to take it in a to-go cup (although there are some really cute to-go cups out there!)

Okay...before you laugh at this one...SMELL IT! Kevin gave me money to spend at Christmas and I wanted some new perfume. I saw this pretty bottle and I'll admit, the look of it got my attention. Before I knew what it was called (or who made it) I picked it up, sprayed it on, and was instantly HOOKED! It is Fantasy by Britney Spears. I LOVE it!!

And last, but oh-so-certainly not new pallete from Urban Decay!! This is another Ulta purchase with Christmas money from Kevin. I would have NEVER spent the money ($44) on this for myself, but as a gift, I found I could stomach it! (It came with eye lid primer potion and the double sided eye liner). It is a BEAUTIFUL pallete of neutral browns and a gorgeous grey and black, thus the name...Naked. I adore this pallette and can't say enough wonderful things about it. It is my first non-drugstore makeup purchase besides Mary Kay. I'm hooked and hope it lasts a loooong time!
So, now you know me a little better! :0)

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Melcy said...

I use the coconut milk products too and love them! :)