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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Call Accepted

Living in this house for the last eight years has been a dream. Don't get me wrong, there are things about my house I don't like...the kitchen and bathroom cabinets are white along with the counters (which makes them really hard to keep clean and nice looking), no hardwood floors except in the foyer, I wish I had one more room, and what woman doesn't want a bigger kitchen? But, it is nice and cozy with a fireplace and two HUGE storage sheds in the backyard. I love the split bedroom plan too! And my laundry room is just the perfect size!

I say all this to say, for the most part, I do
n't like change. I am perfectly content to live in the same house (especially since I used to move a lot when I was in college and I first started teaching), stay married to the same wonderful man, attend the same church and keep the same lifelong friends. However...sometimes a change of scenery is good for everyone.
I have gone from being a teacher to a stay-at-home-mom to a private tutor to a children's ministries coordinator to a student to a teacher to a maid to an administrative secretary to an...interim worship director. jobs keep changing like the seasons (if you live in a place like Georgia where I can relate to the seasons changing comment...ha ha). In the past five years I feel like the Lord has moved me all over the place as far as jobs
go. In this economy, I am most thankful for that.

Last Sunday I began my first official Sunday as our church's interim worship director. about OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE!
I have heard that in order to achieve success, you have to step out of that comfort zone. I am not looking for success...I am only looking to do what the Lord has asked of me. In that, I find full satisfaction. I am honored (even though I am a bit afraid and uncomfortable) that He has chosen me to use some talents He has given me to glorify Him! So, I am on a journey in 2011...a journey I never would have thought I would be on. A journey that is a change for me...but a change that is a call I have willingly accepted!

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