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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Won't be Waiting on Superman.

In September a documentary was released entitled Waiting On Superman in which the public school system in America is explored. Saving a school bus full of children from immediate danger, Superman rushes onto the scene with grace and ease. These school children are not in danger of being involved in a bus crash. What danger they are involved in can be viewed by looking at the public school system under a magnifying glass. If you look closely, you can't help but notice the most tragic way the education system is failing children today. Don't believe me...look at this:
The Washington Post recently reported: "U.S. 15-year-olds trailed their peers from many industrialized countries. The average science score of U.S. students lagged behind those in 16 of 30 countries...The U.S. students were further behind in math, trailing counterparts in 23 countries." I could go on and on with statistics that continue to confirm this fact, but most of you already know this because of opinions you have formed for yourself based on experience and things you've read or heard. With all of the technology and advancements we've made in America, why do you suppose our school systems have been neglected? The No Child Left Behind act instituted several years ago has in fact become nothing short of something to snicker about. So what if your class has a smartboard in it? If the teacher who is in charge of the class is nothing more than a tenured teacher drawing a paycheck who can't even speak proper English him or is a smartboard going to help the innocent students who deserve a proper education?

Putting education itself aside for a moment, let's focus on social experience in America's public school system. Did you know that a congressional report released in 2007 estimated that about 1 out of 10 kids "are subject to sexual misconduct by an employee of a school sometime between kindergarten and 12th grade...and many abusers have several victims"? Also, reports show that bullying is on a rapid rise as well. The majority of children face some sort of cannot be escaped! In fact, "54 percent [of students] were harassed verbally and 51 percent socially (excluded or ostracized)" according to a report from 2005.

What is the answer? According to
Waiting for Superman it is "changes" the school system needs to make (smaller class sizes, new technology, longer school days...). According to me it is private education, better yet, homeschooling. I know everyone cannot afford private education, and some say they can't afford to home school either because it would require one parent to stay home instead of producing an income. I say...where there is a Will...there is a Way! It is our children we are neglecting in order to acquire STUFF! Who needs stuff? Our children's education, socialization and well-being are at stake here. We have been given children as gifts from God...not to ignore and hand to someone else for mistreatment.

Soon a counter documentary will be coming out entitled Indoctrination: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America. It will be released early in 2011. I would encourage you to watch this and
Superman in order to be well informed. Indoctrination will explore homeschooling and lay out biblically what it says about educating our children and our responsibilities as parents.

I'll leave with one more startling statistic. A 20-year study that involved about 60,000 students who come from Christian families showed that, " [nearly 9 out of 10] youth...attending...public schools...[once they get to college] are consistently abandoning the Christian worldview in favor of the humanist/socialist worldview." This means they are rejecting the God they grew up knowing and hearing about after being indoctrinated by secular college professors. On the flip side of this, less than 4 percent of homeschooled youth disown their faith by their first year of college. If nothing else, those numbers right there solidify in my mind what I need to do. Yes, it is about the education here on earth, but more than that, my biggest desire for my son is where he will spend eternity.

You can wait on Superman if you want. I'm going to take matters in to my own quite capable hands.

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Cassie said...

Good stuff, Shannon. We are taking it year by year, and are thankful for our decision to homeschool. My kids are confident in themselves and love the Lord. We have grown closer as a family, and I thank God that we made this decision. It hasn't always been easy, but it has ALWAYS been worth it. Have a great day ;)