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Monday, November 22, 2010

Here We Are!

Being in Gatlinburg is one of the things I most look forward to each year. It is a time of fun, games, family, eating, shopping, laughing and playing. Today is our first full day here. We are actually staying in Pigeon Forge at Barefoot Lodge Cabins. Here is the cabin that we have stayed in the last four out of five Thanksgivings. It has become like a second home to us! We love it. Today, Kevin, Hank, Justin and Adam went to play golf and the other ladies went shopping (which I would have loved to do, but I have Kammers!) So, Kameron and I decided to go to the aquarium in Gatlinburg. It was very educational...I almost feel like I could count it as a school day. Here is one of the exhibits. Kameron had a fun time pressing all of the buttons that explained the insides of a fish. He learned about the spleen, kidney, intestines, brain, gills, heart and more! Each time he pressed a button he got an explanation from the fish itself. He was very attentive and was able to repeat what each thing was when he was finished. He loved the many hands-on activities the aquarium had to offer as much as viewing the fish.
Another fun experience was Shark's Cove where all sorts of beautiful (and not so beautiful) fish swam above us while we moved slowly on a conveyor belt. Here is one of the sharks as he passed over us...look at those teeth!Here is a beautiful turtle who was swimming among the sharks that Kameron loved. It was almost like being in the water with the fish! We also got do see a feeding demonstration of sting rays. Kameron was fascinated to see a diver hand feeding the fish who were literally sucking the food right into their greedy little mouths. Perhaps his favorite thing was a new exhibit...the penguins. He was able to crawl through a tunnel and virtually have only a glass separating his nose from the penguin's. All the way back to the cabin he kept pretending he was a penquin named Carpiggio. (Don't ask where he got the name from...he has quite an imagination.)
So, it has been a great first day and we're looking foward to several more. How thankful we are to be able to do this!!

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