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Friday, November 5, 2010

Gatlinburg...Here We Come

For the past three years (not including last year) we have journeyed to Gatlinburg, TN for Thanksgiving. We actually stay in Pigeon Forge, TN, but a lot of our musings are in Gatlinburg. There are several reasons this trip is so special to us. First, Kevin and I were married in Gatlinburg...almost nine years ago! So, it goes without saying that we are naturally fond of the place.
Another reason we adore this trip is for the simple reason anyone would crave a getaway...we are TIRED and need a break! My husband is working two full-time jobs it seems. He teaches full-time at Calvary Christian School
and is the associate pastor at our church.
Those two things bring with them a lot of hours. Not to mention he has a five-year-old son who absolutely adores him and wants to spend every minute with him when he's home! I homeschool and work part-time at the church too, so, we're pretty tired!
Perhaps the thing that we most adore about our Gatlinburg trip is family. We get to hide away in the beautiful Smoky Mountains and be with those people we love. Interestingly, we spend our time there with Kevin's ex-wife and her husband along with the two sons they had together in his previous marriage. One son is married and she and her parents come too. Strange, I know, that we can all get along...but by the grace of God, we do! In fact, we adore these people. Sadly, when life happens we don't get to spend nearly enough time with these people...but each year at Thanksgiving we are together.
I am truly looking forward to this time of relaxation, family, feasting and shopping! I am thankful for good family and the ability to be able to make this happen.


Cassie said...

Have a wonderful time. . .rest and family are always a good thing ;)

Shannon said...

Thanks, Cassie!! We're looking forward to it.