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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Home with Daddy

Kevin was lucky enough to be able to take two days off work last week. We thought we were going to be going camping, but sadly, it didn't work out that way. Instead, it turned into a blessing because Kevin got to be with Kameron and me for two days of home schooling! It was very enjoyable for me to see the two of them together...and needless to say, Kameron was his daddy's biggest fan!First came our Science experiment. Kevin and Kameron both got into this as we learned all about air resistance by making a parachute. Here are the two of them making their very own parachute to test out Kam's hypothesis!Kevin was so into this experiment! He lifted Kam high into the air and let the chute drop to the ground. Kameron wanted to do it over and over again!This is Kameron in the maple tree right outside our house. We stopped to take pictures of the beautiful leaves before they fall off. We are on our way to an adventure in the woods and the pumpkin patch to pick out our family pumpkin. Did I mention that we were so glad to have Kevin home with us these two days??

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