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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Home with Daddy

Kevin was lucky enough to be able to take two days off work last week. We thought we were going to be going camping, but sadly, it didn't work out that way. Instead, it turned into a blessing because Kevin got to be with Kameron and me for two days of home schooling! It was very enjoyable for me to see the two of them together...and needless to say, Kameron was his daddy's biggest fan!First came our Science experiment. Kevin and Kameron both got into this as we learned all about air resistance by making a parachute. Here are the two of them making their very own parachute to test out Kam's hypothesis!Kevin was so into this experiment! He lifted Kam high into the air and let the chute drop to the ground. Kameron wanted to do it over and over again!This is Kameron in the maple tree right outside our house. We stopped to take pictures of the beautiful leaves before they fall off. We are on our way to an adventure in the woods and the pumpkin patch to pick out our family pumpkin. Did I mention that we were so glad to have Kevin home with us these two days??

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just WHAT have we been learning?

I am enjoying homeschooling so much right now!! One of the current most amazing reasons is that for the past three Fridays (and one Tuesday) we've gone on a field trip! I'll get to the Friday field trips in a minute, but let me tell you about the one I took yesterday. So, I will admit that I am a bit anal compulsive about most things. Can be viewed as good or bad. Knowing that I was going to be gone yesterday, the slave task master that I am...I made Kam double up on school Monday as much as possible! He's a trooper and humors his mama :0) Yesterday we headed to my parents' house in Jonesboro, GA to spend the day with them and Kameron's cousin, Chase (who he hasn't seen in several months). It was AWESOME to be able to pull out of the driveway at 7 AM and pull back in at 9:30 PM and call it a school day! We went to Stone Mountain where the boys played and played! They played on a playground, they played on the picnic tables, they played on rocks as they ran and climbed, they played in the car (rather loudly) ride to and from Stone Mtn., and they played in my parents' house and yard.
Here they are posing (as only five and six year old boys can do) in front of the mountain. Chase was such a better climber than little Kameron. Kam tried to stay up with him, but got stuck several times!
You can see here that Chase is quite the adventurous one, while Kameron is a bit more hesitant! I was amazed at how easily Chase maneuvered the rocks.

And alas, our adventurous duo decided to slow it down a bit and paint some pumpkins too! So, what "school related" activities were accomplished yesterday? Well, socialization, interaction, history, exploration, pe, art, self awareness, character building...and the list can go on and on!

Below are some pictures from the other field trips we've been fortunate to take in the past few weeks. Last Friday (Oct. 15) I went with the LIGHT Homeschool group to Paradise Pumpkin Patch in Eufaula, AL. Here are Kameron and his buddy MaKenna riding on the cow cart! It was a blast, and he was very protective of her, as you can see. He didn't want her to fall out.
And here he is with Ashlan sliding down one of the blow up slides at the PP.
...and riding on they hay ride with Mama!
...and feeding Sandy, the goat! I could go on, and on, but I'll stop here! I cannot express how truly gratifying and amazing it is to be able to stay home with Kameron and get to experience these things with him. I'm thinking that he, in just ten weeks of school, has probably experienced more field trips than those not home schooled will in the entire school year! Thanks, God, for allowing me to do this...and thanks, Kevin, for working so hard so we can learn at home! I am BLESSED, BLESSED, BLESSED!!