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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Keeping Her Occupied!

We've had Keely a week now, and boy have our lives changed! She is quite the hand full, but we love her so! She is precious, but demanding - as any new pup is. She is doing a lot better at night and is not keeping us up as much as she did the first few nights. She is sleeping through the night until about 4:30. Kevin usually gets up around that time anyway, so it is working out fine. She had her first visit to the Vet and all was well! She weighs 10 pounds and is healthy and very loved. I have to keep her entertained all the time though because she gets into any and everything otherwise! She likes to be stimulated mentally, so I bought her a puzzle cube where she has to try to maneuver the snacks out. She likes it a lot and it occupies her for quite some time! Kameron is so sweet with her...which makes me happy! He really needed a dog. Here is the latest picture of our little gal!

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