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Sunday, August 8, 2010


We made it safely back from Disn
ey and had an amazing time! It was truly magical for everyone. I think I even made a believer out of Kevin! We were ready to come home though...very tired...but very fulfilled. It was amazing to both Kevin and I to watch Kameron's facial expressions as he experienced new things. Things that were magical and precious. We kept wanting to snap pictures of his joyful expressions. They truly were priceless. This photo shows both of our expressions taken as we watched the fireworks on our first night at Disney. We are in the World Showcase section of Epcot. On display, holding both Kameron and I captive, is the nighttime show, Illuminations - Reflections of Earth. The look on Kameron's face says it all! The joy it gave Kevin and I to be able to give him this experience cannot be put into words. His excitement was catching. It was one of innocence with childlike abandon. I would not trade these memories or this experience for anything. It seems fitting to add the next picture here. This was taken on our last night in the Magic Kingdom at the Main Street Electrical Parade. You would think that after five days and nights of entertainment he wouldn't be so enthralled, but not so! He was excited until the very end. (And so was I as you can see in the background).
From character meals to trilling rides that tickled our tummies and heightened our senses, this is one memory that will not soon be forgotten by anyone in the Probst household. What a way to celebrate a fifth birthday!
Someone asked me today at church when we were planning on going back. I quickly replied, "Not for at least another five years!" In my opinion, if you go too often it takes away the magic. We are fully satisfied for now and have a Disney fix that will last us quite some time. I am so thankful that the Lord provided a way for us to go. We truly are blessed.

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