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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


With the Lord's help, I have successfully completed my first two days of home schooling. I am a bit surprised, actually, at some of my decisions over the last two days. I am typically a by-the-book type person. Actually, you can pretty much set your clock on it! I thought I would adhere to a strict schedule with no deviations - meaning always starting on time and making sure I accomplished all (or the vast majority) of what the lesson plans call for. I wanted (and still do) Kameron to get used to a schedule and have no surprises or unwanted expectations. Well, this week so far has been as far from by-the-book as it gets! First of all, we started on a Tuesday! I can't believe goes against all of my manic compulsiveness. My parents kept Kameron this past weekend, so I didn't get him from their house until Monday. So, we started on Tuesday. My plan was to start right at 8:30 AM...but we didn't start until 11:00 AM! Can you believe it?? Kam had a dental appointment at 8 and then we headed to the grocery store. After eating lunch and putting the groceries away we began school...and had a blast for the most part! (I have decided that getting a new puppy and starting home schooling within weeks of each other has not turned out to be such a good idea! The puppy demands so much time and attention, and I LITERALLY cannot take my eyes off of her! She eats anything she can get her little sharp teeth on and she has urinated and pooped in the house numerous times...all when I'm occupied with Kameron!) I'm beginning to loose my patience, so I'm praying that the Lord will continue to be my strength during this and help me remain calm and fair! If the puppy interruptions were not enough, Kevin and I are dealing with some pretty personal stuff that is emotional and taxing. (This is a situation outside our family and has nothing to do with our marriage :0) ) So, I started today at 8:30 AM sharp. Kameron needs little breaks every now and then, so we decided around 10:30 we would take Keely for a walk. On our walk, my neighbor, Janice, drives by and asks us if we wanted to go swimming at her sister's. At first the scheduling freak in me declined politely, stating that we were just taking a break and still had half of our lessons to complete. Then, as she drove away and I looked at my little guy, I realized that one of the glorious things about home schooling is that you can be flexible. That word scares me! I threw caution to the wind and quickly called her back and told her we'd be there in 10 minutes! We had a blast! I feel good about this decision and I'm kind of proud of myself for being flexible! Kameron had a lot of fun and was focused and excited when we got back home. We were able to eat lunch and finish up the rest of our lessons for the day! Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but I'm praying for endurance, patience and lots of quality time!

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