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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

You know you're too busy when:

Today I was reading a book by Joyce Williams entitled She Can't Even Play the Piano!" In my recent revelation that I tend to take on too much, especially where church is concerned, this book is a lifesaver! There is a similar list in the book, but I decided to make my own. Hopefully you can relate and even add some of your own to the list in the Comment section! All of these are true...just ask my husband!
  • You start to smell something funny in the car and finally decide to check it out only to find your four-year-old's half eaten ham and cheese sandwich from two weeks ago. (You remember thrusting it at him on the way to church).
  • You start to smell something coming from the kitchen/laundry room area only to realize the load of laundry from three days ago never made it from the washing machine to the dryer.
  • Someone hands you something that is really important on Sunday morning while you're rushing to do a multitude of things...and although your intentions are good, you either lose it or it winds up behind your office bookshelf.
  • The drive through attendant at Taco Bell says, "Girl, I missed you yesterday! Where were you?"
  • Your child calls your neighbor, "Mommy"...more than once.
  • Your e-mail account has 100+ unopened messages.
  • The mail carrier leaves a note saying, "Due to no room in your box, you can pick up your mail at the office in town."
  • You forget your father's birthday.
  • All that seems to be left to eat in the house is flour, frozen peas and a Slim Jim.


Jodie said...

I have actually done the "clothes in the washer" thing. Yucky, yucky smell.

Shannon said...

Glad I'm not the only one!! Unfortunately, I'd like to say that I learned from it, but I have to admit...I've done it more than once!