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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Time's A Tickin'

So, only two more days until we leave for WDW, and I can hardly wait! I've planned for this trip for longer than I planned my own wedding!! This summer has been one of marked progress for me. I had several big things on my plate, and I've almost eaten them all. The first was District Assembly preparations for my church. That involved a lot of detailed work to help out my pastor. I just couldn't wait to be finished with it to get to the next item on my list...planning for WDW. That has taken hours and hours, and I pray it will be well worth the time and effort. Third, I have Kameron's home school curriculum sitting in the guest bedroom. I've sorted it out and put all the books in order of use by subject, but I'm still a bit overwhelmed! When we get back from Disney, my goal is to take those two weeks to focus on his curriculum and get everything ready for that. I plan on starting class with him on Monday, Aug. 16. Can't wait!!Last night we went and picked out our sweet puppy, Keely! We are going to get her the Sunday after we get back. I'm including some pictures of Kameron and I with her. She's a Llewelyn Setter, and we love her already!
This last photo is of Keely with her mother, Daisy. Aren't they such a pretty breed??

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